Matteo Silvestro


I’m a developer with a mathematical background. I also dabble in the art of musical arrangements.

Check out my resume to know more about my professional experience.

Code tools

I detest doing repetitive and menial work, so I always try to make tasks simpler and more efficient using code.

You can find all of my works on GitHub. Here is a selection of them:

  • this website, now written in Svelte;
  • My spot, a React app I’ve written for me and my family to help manage screen sharing on Netflix;
  • HowLongToBeat Oracle, a library to browse HowLongToBeat entries;


I love music and I like to write arrangements of songs that caught my attention.

In my YouTube channel you can find some covers performed by me using quite a few different and unusual instruments. It all started with the National Anthem of Italy on a Stylophone.

Lately I’ve been focusing on writing arrangements for piano which I then publish on MuseScore. Most of the times I improve on already existing scores, but I made a few of them entirely by ear, such as the cover of High Without Your Love.


To me videogames are the highest form of art, with their unique blend of interactivity, animations and music.

You can find my games on I participated in a few game jams, which are great opportunities to improve your game development skills and find new teammates.

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