Matteo Silvestro


I'm a developer with a mathematical background. I also dabble in the art of musical arrangements.

Check out my resume to know more about my professional experience.

Code tools

I detest doing repetitive and menial work, so I always try to make tasks simpler and more efficient using code.

You can find all of my works on GitHub. Here is a selection of them:

  • this website, now written in Next.js;
  • My spot, a React app I've written for me and my family to help manage screen sharing on Netflix;
  • HowLongToBeat Oracle, a library to browse HowLongToBeat entries;
  • Qlik Butler, a simple Powershell tool to manage Qlik and NPrinting clusters.


I love music and I like to write arrangements of songs that caught my attention.

In my YouTube channel you can find some covers performed by me using quite a few different and unusual instruments. It all started with the National Anthem of Italy on a Stylophone.

Lately I've been focusing on writing arrangements for piano which I then publish on MuseScore. Most of the times I improve on already existing scores, but I made a few of them entirely by ear, such as the cover of High Without Your Love.