Matteo Silvestro


I’m always eager to learn new things. My main interests are mathematics, app and game programming, and music.


I studied mathematics because I always loved its problem-solving challenges and elegance in the solutions. I then fell in love with probability and statistics.

My bachelor’s thesis, MCTS e videogiochi: un’applicazione per le Gare Pokémon Live, was an amusing and almost reckless adventure, but in the end the results were very interesting and promising. Furthermore, I succeeded in combining Pokémon with mathematics, and I’m quite proud of that.

My Master’s Degree thesis, Computer-Assisted Evaluation of Story-Driven Interactive Storytelling Systems, was my latest effort in which I managed to weave together storytelling and machine learning. I wanted to get as close as possible to the field of videogames, and working on creating a clustering of interactive stories through tension curves was quite a good topic nonetheless.

I also implemented the Coupling from the past algorithm for image restoration in R.


I’m always looking for something new to learn, so here are the certificates I earned after following online and offline courses:

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